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Business Loans

Why Our Business Loans?

Do not let your business goals be limited, whether you own a small business or larger enterprises, you can get a soft business loan to boost your capital.

We only require your business to be registered, licensed to operate and it should have existed for at least 90 days.

How to make sure your business gets approved?

While we consider some factors, you can increase the chances of your business loan to be approved by submitting a receipt book in the name of the operating business or the sales sheet that clearly indicates the business sales. This helps our team to find the exact business loan limit for your business.

Business loan limits are manually assigned and we can’t disclose why the business gets a lower loan limit or higher loan limit and the loan limit decisions are final.

To request a business loan, kindly login your AppNomu account and choose loans, you will be able to see the loans we have, once you choose the business loan, you will be prompted to create business profile, make sure to fill in the exact information as requested for your loan to be approved.