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We are Many, but we are one in Empowering Women in Digital Transformation and Capitalization

Ever since the beginning of our charity, we have looked at vulnerable young mothers still as our cornerstone. We want to create more than 10,000 software engineers, developers, female business owners and VCs leading large corporates, and this is still our aim - Bahati Asher Faith- CEO AppNomu

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We believe that We can Absorb More Women in Coding with you, especially the Vulnerable ones.

AppNomu Foundation is a charity arm of Appnomu Business Services which is led by a software engineer and developer Bahati Asher Faith. We exist to show an example to the world that women can code and do better in the world where we basically train them in coding skills and, each year, two women are given jobs by AppNomu a software company in Uganda.

Founded in 2021 by Bahati Asher Faith.
To absorb vulnerable single mothers in the tech space where we mobilize resources and equip them with coding skills that help them find jobs in the tech world. To make a well-balanced tech industry filled with a lot of women doing greater changes. We believe the #Shecode challenge has woken up more women to believe they can make it, code, and change the tech world.
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Our History Mission to make the world Smile
Since 2021, we have raised $55,000 to support young vulnerable young mothers with skills in coding and provide them with capital. Now we support more than 1000 young girls across Africa with virtual classrooms at Udemy and provide them with an environment to collaborate with others. They share the same passion, dreams, and goals of working in giant tech companies.
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We are a large community of over 80,000 thousand members and more than 45 developers in Africa who render support and skills to vulnerable African single mothers. AppNomu shares 45% of its revenue to fund this project. We named our project, and #Shecode it to mean that Women can code and make a living in the tech world where they can inspire, create and innovate
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A few important things we live by.

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Our team provides honest information about your donations and how they are used across our areas of focus, detailed reporting and accountability for each donation made through our website, and through various donations from different sources
Every donation matters
No donation is small to us, every donation matters to us and to our causes. We are so pleased to see small donations because they show us the spirit of love you have to share even the smallest you can with people who need it the most.
We're on one Mission
We all want to end violence due to poverty, hunger and child abuse. Our mission is encouraged by our supporters who also have the same mission and same goals for our organization. We believe that coming together will put an end to the crisis
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It Begins With You To Make A Change For Someone. join us and be part of us with just a contribution between $25 to $100, the amount donated to this initiative, is to help those in need and be held accountable.