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Loan Product

AppNomu provides loans to thousands of Ugandans each day and is among the leading online loan providers for different varieties of loans. If you want to learn more about how to request these loans, kindly find the information here.

Let us look at different loans that we offer and what they mean in general.

1. Personal loans; these are loans given to a person for their own staff, this loan can be used for medicine, purchase of items, transport and sort of self items. The minimum loan can be UGX20,000 and maximum is UGX500,000 that each individual can request. Personal loans are processed within a day or two days depending on the amount of loan requested and can be repaid within a period of one month from the time of requesting the loan. All our loans are credited in your AppNomu loan account and you can then after withdraw to either mobile number or bank account attached to your account. We always do not charge withdrawal fees from the loan account. You can as well repay in installment personal loans and are given to each individual as long as you are above the age of eighteen with a national ID and list of alliance or guarantors. Remember you can only request this loan when your account has been validated successfully.

2. Soma loans; Soma loan is a loan given to students from nursery to senior six and currently we do provide in some districts. Any person with a validated account can request this loan for his or her student. To learn more about some loans, follow this article link. Soma loan can be processed between 48 hours to 72 hours depending on the accuracy of the information provided during creating school profile and student profile. While requesting this type of loan, please kindly use the accurate information so that your loan can be approved. Our compliance team will follow up on this kind of loan so that we do prevent fraud practices. Also note that this type of loan can be repaid in a period of two months and can be either paid once or in installments.

3. Business loan; business loans are given to businesses that are registered and licensed to operate. Clients requesting this type of loan must have a business that has existed at least for a period of six months, registered and licensed and should be able to provide business registration documents of the business. Business loans are processed between 48 to 72 hours of working days from Monday to Saturday once your loan is approved, the loan is credited to your loan account. Repayment is by installment.

Please note that you can only have one loan type at a time, for example if you still have ongoing personal loan, you cannot request another type of loan unless when you have fully repaid any outstanding type of loan. AppNomu does not require any security before you can be given a loan, the more you repay back your loan on time, the more you loan limit grows except business loans are given to clients that have been with us for a period of 3 months with a minimum saving of UGX200,000 from their saving account.