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As of now, you have known all the restrictions of PayPal from other countries where withdrawals cannot happen. You can only create an account where you can use PayPal for payments and sending money but not for receiving funds.

Coming From A Country Where PayPal Does Not Accept Withdraw?

You can now move your funds from your PayPal account to your AppNomu-PayPal account. Simply log in to your AppNomu account if you have the account with us ready or create one here in case you are new.

Of course, after creating an account, you can simply upload your National ID, when you are done, you can top-up your PayPal account within AppNomu and you will be redirected to your PayPal account to complete the top-up, so if you had linked a credit card on your PayPal account, you can as well transfer your funds from the card and withdraw them from your AppNomu account.

If you expect to receive funds from someone, always contact the support team so they can help you, once we receive the funds from your expected person, they will always leave a note and you will see your balance settled.

Please note that an account created from Uganda cannot directly receive money through PayPal.

Does it mean you offer an account opening?

We do not offer PayPal account opening, we only help you withdraw money from your PayPal where you are not accepted to Withdraw, or to top-up Your AppNomu account so you can withdraw your funds.

How Does the Withdraw Happen?

Once your top-up has been successful, you can Withdraw your money directly to a Bank account or Mobile money, since we have more people using this service, expect your funds to reach mobile money within 3 working days and Seven working days for bank accounts. If the period must go beyond that, we will always contact you as soon as we receive your withdrawal request. A charge of 7% for top-up and 15% percentage shall be deducted from every withdrawal you make or every top-up..

What if I have a prepaid card?

In most cases, PayPal would accept prepaid cards that are 3D secure, therefore you need to use the funds on your prepaid cards, Log into your PayPal account, the locate link Card, and enter card details correctly as they are on the card, once the card gets linked, click on it, and make it as the preferred source of Payment. No, we can move the funds from that card to your AppNomu-PayPal account!

Log into your AppNomu account and top-up your PayPal account with AppNomu, of course, you will be redirected to your account to complete payment. Please note that PayPal will charge a small fee for performing the transaction. At this stage, after the top-up is successful, you can request a withdrawal.

What else?
Do not forget to reach out to the support team at help@appnomu.com in case of any challenges.
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