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Personal Loan.

Since the beginning of our operations, we have been so skeptical in providing loans to individuals, students, business owners and organizations. We are among the micro lending companies that do not hike larger interests on loans and we give you the ability to repay your loan in installments.

While our loans are considered on a number of factors from your account, public financial data and how you use and interact with our products and services, we provide personal loan limits manually by a loan compliance team that reviews every account each month to either lower or increase your loan limit.

Why our personal loans?

The loan you can get from us depends on how you grow your loan limit. We designed our system that enables you to grow your personal loan limit from UGX20,000 to UGX 500,000. Our personal loans are entirely online, you only need to have a national ID and a minimum of two alliances before the loan can be accredited to your loan account.

What about if you need to know how to grow your loan limit?

You can grow your loan limit by applying the following;

● Daily usage; each time you visit our website, application and blogs, an event is recorded in the backend that traces your journey and how you interact with our products and services. The time you spend on our website and in our application is considered by the loan team while assigning a loan limit to your account.
● Loan repayment; if you repay your loans within the time given, you increase the chance of increasing your loan limit by 10% . We do so to appreciate your loyalty of being a loyal trustworthy customer.
● Savings; When you save with you a bigger amount of money, we extend your loan limit by three steps from your previous loan limit so that you can get a considerably bigger amount of money and your loans are always approved in a shorter time since you won't be required to go under the moderation queue.
● Referring; except the benefits that comes with referring your clients, if you refer 50 people from your account and all saves with us 20k, you automatically qualify for a personal loan of UGX500,000 instantly without any delay and if they are all saving for a period of 30 days, and if half of the referral saves, then you can still get a loan of UGSHS 250,000 instantly.
● Utility purchase; each time you spend above UGSHS 10,000 on utility payments like water bills, electricity, airtime and data or TV subscriptions, you qualify for a next loan limit in the coming week after when the purchase was made from your account.

We look at a number of factors before upgrading your loan limit. However, the mentioned above are among the cores we consider before upgrading your loan limit. Therefore you are advised using our products and services every day so that your loan limit can be increased.