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Saving Account

AppNomu creates possibilities of managing your savings more securely and more conveniently. We do not only give you a saving platform but we value your saving goals and all our savings come with good saving interests depending on the saving category you choose.

As long as your account is activated,you can choose from a minimum of Ugshs50,000 to maximum of Ugshs5,000,000 from a period of one month to a period of one year on a fixed saving plan.

How to Save with us?

To save with us is simple and secure, what you need is to have an account with us and after verifying your account, you can select either to save or to get a loan.

To save, locate my savings from your account, choose the savings category and enter the amount of money between the chosen saving category and click make payment.

A check out page will load, enter the number which has the funds (in case you are using mobile money payment method) that you want to save, then you will receive an OTP code to validate the number, upon validating, we will send a push request on your phone and then you will need to put in your PIN. Wait for the payment page to load until you see a success page for payment and your savings will be topped up in your account.

Successful savings will take you back to your account and you will be able to see your saving ID, due date for your saving and such a transaction will be reflected in your account.

If you choose to use banks, you can have the options of entering the card information, then sometimes your bank may need to validate you by sending an OTP either to the email attached to the account or mobile number, if so, verify by entering the correct OTP you might have received from the bank, then you will be able able to complete your transaction and such amount shall be posted under your saving account. We recommend this option since it is available in almost all countries, giving you the best way to save even when you are abroad, as well a loved one from another country can save for you or help you repay the loan by using their cards if you trust them.

If you choose Google Pay, you will need to login with your google account, from which you will need to put the card billing address, then, you will click make payment and such savings will reflect in your account. This option is so quick that you can even use your prepaid mastercard or VISA card to make payment on our platform. The same applies to Apple pay.

If you choose Barter, you will need to create a barter account in case you do not have and if you have, you will need to login your barter account and link your card to your barter account and hence you will be able to make payment.

Benefits of having AppNomu saving account

●Higher loan limit with reduced interest rates.
● Access your funds all the time by withdrawing to either mobile money or bank account or from our offices and agent locations.
● Higher saving interests of up to 30% on annual savings.
● Unlimited access to AppNomu products and services all the time.
● Dedicated account manager and free financial advisory services.